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Start&Stop Spiral Battery (28AH-80AH)

Start&Stop Spiral Battery (28AH-80AH)
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Product Characteristics

  • Used in construction machinery, heavy trucks, /cars, and engine block starters
  • Specific power up to 600W/kg, only needs 50% of the capacity /of normal batteries to achieve the same starting ability
  • Without heating, the car can start normally in -40℃
  • Starter life of up to 120,000 times



type voltage Capacity C20 Dimension mm Weight kg CCA Reserve Capacity min Resistance temperature ℃) Seal reaction efficient storge period without charging Max charge current Max discharge current  
Spiral-28 12V 28Ah Lenght203 Weight138.5 Height162/179 9 480SAE 48 4 -45~75 100% 6months 4.5C 18C  
Spiral-45 12V 45Ah Lenght239 Weight173.5 Height158/175 14.5 750SAE 85 3 -45~75 100% 6months 4.5C 18C  
Spiral-48 12V 48Ah Lenght236 Weight160 Height204/224 17 810SAE 95 2.9 -45~75 100% 6months 4.5C 18C  
Spiral-55 12V 55Ah Lenght256 Weight168.5 Height204/221 18 850SAE 105 2.9 -45~75 100% 6months 4.5C 18C  
Spiral-80 12V 80Ah Lenght263 Weight178.5 Height240/257 25 1050 SAE 165 2.4 -45~75 100% 6months 4.5C 18C  



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