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Lithium Battery(10AH-200AH)

Lithium Battery(10AH-200AH)
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Lithium Battery(10AH-200AH) Lithium Battery(10AH-200AH) Lithium Battery(10AH-200AH)



Lithium battery system for communication is a high-tech product, it has many merits mainly includes: integration, miniaturization, light-weight, intelligence centralism and monitoring, maintenance and management, unattended, standardization installation and easy operation, energy conservation, environmental protection.



Battery’s positive pole using LiFePO4 material with high cycling life and good security feature;

The battery system using high performance battery management system(BMS), the BMS have current, voltage, temperature protect function;

Automatic Management of charging and discharging , supervision unit automatically measure the batteries' charging and discharging current, and management the batteries' float charge and boost charge;

Small in volume and light in weight, reduce about 50% (compared with LA Battery);

The battery system has a good electromagnetic compatibility;

It also can communication with the remote central control center ;

Configuration flexible: multi modules can be parallel connected to last long the backup time;

Excellent high temperature performance, and air condition is unnecessary when the ambient temperature is less than +40℃, which can save energy.


Compliant standards

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • GB/T 28001(OHSAS18001)
  • IEC 62133
  • YDT2344.1-2011
  • YDT/032-2009
  • UL
  • CE


Main applications

  • Telecommunication;
  • III class power area;
  • No grid power area etc;
  • Diesel generator set and battery combination system;
  • UPS;

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Product specification

Model Nominal voltage(DC V) Nominal capacity(Ah) maximum load current A dimension (mm) wide×height×deep(do not include the handle) weight(kg)±2kg remarks
Lithium Battery –4810 48 10 7.9 442×44×240 1U 8.5 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery –4810D 48 10 13.5 442×44×240 1U 442×44×240 1U 8.5 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery –4820 48 20 20 442×88×300 2U 16.2 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery -4830 48 30 30 442×133×300 3U 21.5 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery -4840 48 40 40 442×177×300 4U 27.5 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery -4850C 48 50 40 442×177×300 4U 31.8 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery -4850 48 50 50 442×133×380 3U 31.8 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery -4850G 48 50 50 442×133×520 3U 39 Can in parallel
Lithium Battery-4810-I 48 10 3 442×44×455 1U 10.5 AC in DC out



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